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As a carrier of the Alzheimer's gene, APOE-e4, Ellen is proving she can keep that gene in the 'off' position with practices that strengthen and invigorate body, mind and spirit.

about Ellen Wood
about Ellen Wood
Ellen Wood, inspirational speaker, columnist and author of the series "The Secret Method for Growing Younger," is a living example of the effectiveness of the processes she teaches.
about Ellen Wood

Ellen Wood walks her talk – anyone who spends even a few minutes with her can attest to her youthful joie de vivre.

This award-winning author, speaker and columnist is one of the world's leading pioneers of age-reversing consciousness. She discovered the power of mind/spirit techniques in her mid-thirties and applied them to improve her relationships and career, and to accelerate her self-actualization

While Ellen's adult life began with the traditional role of wife and mother, she eventually pursued a high-powered career as a successful executive. Then, late in her fifties, she suffered the grief and helplessness that came from watching her mother waste away with Alzheimer's. Several years later, Ellen herself started noticing symptoms of mental decline terrifyingly similar to the early stage of the disease that had claimed her mother.

At age 67, Ellen's distress became the wake-up call of a lifetime. She realized she could give herself over to decline and infirmity, accepting it as unavoidable – or she could do everything in her power to find an alternate route through later life. Ellen chose the road less traveled, and threw herself into the work of growing younger.

Her efforts soon rewarded her with a key discovery: by adapting the mind/spirit techniques that had transformed other areas of her life, she could begin to arrest her own aging process and grow younger. She then added practices for the body, including the five Tibetan Rites, studying and exploring and experimenting until she had developed a complete personal program.

Her results were so extraordinary – literally age reversing – that three years later she felt compelled to share what she had discovered in her first book, "The Secret Method for Growing Younger." Ellen's book is endorsed by noted authors and experts, including Marianne Williamson, David Simon MD, Terry Grossman MD, Larry Dossey MD, C. Norman Shealy MD, Richard Moss MD, Mitchell Gibson MD, and Barbara DeAngelis.

Ellen is an exceptionally inspiring and entertaining speaker. She developed her skills during her years in the marketing, advertising, and banking industries where she was nationally recognized for both her expertise at the podium and her powerful marketing campaigns. Ellen won numerous awards and was featured in more than 30 articles published in national magazines and newspapers. She also became the first female elected Chairman of the Board of the Hunterdon County (NJ) Chamber of Commerce. The membership doubled that year.

Ellen is currently enthralling audiences with her humorous inspirational presentations on how to rejuvenate your life and live happy. To see Ellen in action and see her demonstrate the five Tibetan Rites, click here for her Videos page.

Ellen has a vacation rental in Taos, NM.

10% of all author royalties are donated to 501(c)3 not-for-profits that provide humanitarian aid and support.

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