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Ellen Wood - Your Grow Young Guide
Ellen Wood - Your Grow Young Guide!

Grow Younger. Feel More Alive. Enjoy Being You.

My name is Ellen Wood - welcome to my website. Here are a few highlights of what you'll find here.
  • Watch the video of one of my television interviews. It has one of my best anti-aging tips.

  • Learn how to do the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, a series of physical movements that make you grow younger.

  • Read my current and previous blogs on Talk Back with Ellen Wood. Almost every blog has a “grow younger” action step you can begin practicing now.

  • Want to know about how I got to this point? Or when I was born? Go to the About Ellen page.

  • If you’re curious about who the internationally-recognized anti-aging physician is who sometimes joins me on stage, go to www.newvisionmgmt.com.

After you check out what's here, please visit my other websites: www.ellenwoodspeaks.com and www.bookofjoyjoyjoy.com.

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ELLEN Wins GOLD Nautilus Book Award for The Secret Method for Growing Younger, Volume 1

By winning a GOLD Nautilus Book Award, Ellen joins a prestigious group of authors including Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson.

ELLEN Wins SILVER Nautilus Book Award for The Secret Method for Growing Younger, Volume 2


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Ellen Wood, conquered the alzheimer’s gene


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Please note that Ellen has changed the title of her books:
"The Secret Method for Growing Younger – Volume 1 – My Journey Through Alzheimer's to the Fountain of Youth Using the Law of Attraction" is the UPDATED and EXPANDED version of "Think and Grow Young – Powerful Steps to Create a Life of Joy."

"The Secret Method for Growing Younger – Volume 2 – 7 mind Body Spirit Self-Help Practices to Reverse Memory Loss and Have More Joy! Joy! Joy!" was previously titled, "Joy! Joy! Joy! 7 Mind Body Spirit Self-Help Practices to Relieve Stress and Anxiety, Reverse Memory Loss and Live Happy."

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